Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The non-update

(Almost) classic. I still love it, and you too. xx

Friday, October 14, 2011

Concrete casualties of love ~

Today my supervisor asked me how it felt to be at the receiving end of not having emails coming into my phone and such over the last three days (cos he was doing an interview with BBC radio 4 (or something like that) over the issue). The only thing my intellectual capacity could muster was "ARGHAERFAJFAFDISAFLDVAFVA" *anger management issues // silent cries. Okay, serious. My answer was "as of 10 minutes ago, my life balance has been restored; the last three days were a nightmare". Ok I lie, I don't remember what I said, but clearly I wasn't thinking straight due to the anger management issues from BB being down, and sudden elation from it being back on again. I think he must wonder how I ended up under his supervision. He laughed at me, cos he's the iphone user, and he was telling me un-funny tweets that i've read only a million times about how RIM was mourning the death of Jobs. Eh hello, people died - not a joke! On a lighter note tho, I got my key back! *privileged! 

Oh and I was definitely guilty of pulling out my battery every hour or so (or sometimes even more so often) to reset my phone, in hopes that it would work after it resets. FML. 

Okay so honestly, maybe it wasn't too bad; we're constantly texting or emailing or whatsapping or BBM-ing. 

Day 1: Withdrawal symptoms
Day 2: Maybe I should've got an iphone instead *traitor
(hated the inconvenience of not being able to instantly message the parentals AND send out emails from my phone)
Day 3: Ah screw it. Just a phone. I has can sleepz with no emailz. Thanks.

Nic: Wow, you're walking around without your phone in your hand now? What an improvement!  Maybe now we can have a conversation without you constantly doing the "wait ahhh". 

Oh come on, was NOT that bad.

I can't believe I just blogged about the Blackberry outage. Such an outrage, wasn't it! Okay fine, for whoever who was affected by it, it was one tough bitch. Oh and I was constantly refreshing this website!

I don't regret getting a Blackberry (despite its borderline crap-like camera) because I cannot imagine typing without a keypad. T_T And also because the only thing I love about iphone is the camera (and maybe their awesome photo editing apps - that's all, really). ALSO, this guy sounded so humble and apologetic. Forgiven RIM, but definitely not forgotten. *anger controlling sessions.

Disclaimer: Post based on my random thoughts. Please don't send me some advocate and yell foul ok. I have no time to deal with that.

Post to last for a couple of months; post dedicated to all the people who ask me "Y U NO BLOG".


Monday, June 13, 2011

Life in Technicolor

Adapted from the classic Mischel (1989) study on delaying gratification.
Cute until beh tahan, please! T.T Check out their dilemma faces and all the "physical contact" they engage in with the marshmallow :3 If I were in the experiment when I was a kid, I'd probably be repelled at the sight of marshmallows - delay gratification champion. Can't say the same if you put the marshmallow in a rocky road though <3 <3
Check out the kid in the last frame! Too cute.

If you watch through the whole thing, go here for the explanation. :) I remember doing something similar to this in Dr. Anasu's class. I liked this one though, cos it was short and pretty easy to go through. 

I love youtube.

I do, however, dislike how the uni mail system has integrated itself with Google. Why? Because now my uni mail and Gmail acts as two conflicting Google mails, where I can't be logged into both at once! It is absolutely bullocks how I can be signed-in in one website, but not the other, because it's under different accounts (e.g. Logged-in to uni website = inability to sign-in to Youtube because my current Youtube username is under the other gmail account). Does anyone get thisssss (or am I babbling to myself)! WHY GOOGLE, WHY. I love you for so many reasons. This - not one of them. Does anyone have any solutions for me (that do not include signing out of one to use the other - cos that's what I've been doing, which is really getting annoying)? I just realised how whinny i've become (justification/rationalisation: it's only todayy!). I blame it on today's weather. 

Today, we ended up in Forum because Interval was closed (union on lockdown after summer socials). Okay that wasn't so bad, but it was raining. And my umbrella went to Milton Keynes. Okay it didn't go there. My flat mate borrowed it, and she went there = me no payung. SO FINE. We walked to Forum; the waitress was reallyyy sweet cos there was about 10+ people, none of which could decide on what he or she wanted to eat OR drink (for a good 15-20 minutes at least). So we started with coffee and water and such (and of course, there will be the alcos starting in the day). Horrible choice for such a gloomy day *personal opinion. Also, I think we were all being really student-y and broke as per usual.  T.T Useful part of today: Totally coveting Erin's boots (carousels around it please!!!!), Emily's dress AND raincoat & Selma's mad big umbrella that could fit three people.

Fun fact of the day: Algeria's in North Africa, near Morocco. *proud when I could continue convo by saying Zim is in South Africa. Let me be proud for a while please. Geography is my worst subject *no passion; and I thank God every time I think of how I never had to sit for another Geography paper after PMR. *phew. No seriously, you can't imagine how bad my geography is *toys with the idea of geography of Malaysia and I feel dumb already.

Today's weather? It rained only all day long. Wouldn't be a problem if I were home and had a car *hint hint*. Sunday bus services are really =,=. Also, kawan yang I keluar ngan ni semua x suka tunggu atau bayar untuk bas. Terpaksalah I ikut jalan balik rumahku! -,- Oh and I cannot believe SY is going home tomorrow *imagining hijacking her ticket and going home too :D*

Oh and those Nike shoes I saw in Office yesterdayyyyyy. None of which i'll ever think of wearing, but coveting, that's a different story. Ah, how it feels to be broke. T.T Please donate to the "save Michelle's eating habits fund" please. :x Lemme go find those nike shoes to show you *acting as if I have readers or like i'm having a conversation *lifeless. 

Picture from Ebay
Picture from here

Okay I just realised how I might have lost my uh sense of dressing. *stares at shoes that I will never be able to look good in. *silent wailing in the corner. :( *dreams of Bicester. Hi boyf do you want to go to Bicester with me? *beams

Ah... How it is to be broke. LOL.

Oh btw, exams are over! I will be home soooooon! In seven weeks. -.- I hope to update more. :) Rain, rain please go away! I can't be walking in all this slushyyy. wuwuwu. 


Sunday, June 05, 2011

The games you play, you would always win

So today I decided to read some news from home, and found this to be a step forward into more positivity. 

Picture from here
So I know her album's been out for some time, but I just got mine this morning and ASDSFGHJS I like. :) Also, listening to old classics that I used to love. Ah. Memories.

Last night, housemate and I were in our own rooms on skype, playing and singing songs over skype. Can I say skype is love (only with fast and stable internet connection). And this other housemate came knocking on my door. "hi I can hear your convos by just standing in the corridor. SERIOUSLY. You two are acting as if your exams are over!!" *does victory dance* Haven't we all. T,T

competing who's got cuter more rings! I won hands down. Imba. Lol.

"It's fuschiaaaa! LOOKKKK!"

Love from home with ft. One way ticket to the loved ones. xx

Haha. esp now that the boyf has got ft to layan me too! xx

Would you be wonderful if it wasn't for the weather?

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Every siren is a symphony

Sounds like today's weather! xx


Friday, June 03, 2011

Man Overboard

So yesterday, while facetime-ing with the parents, I was gatal-ing and wanted to show my mom this handbag I wanted. So while my dad looked away, I signalled silently at my mom to come over then I showed her the picture of the bag I wanted (from the picture I took with my phone) on my phone. Then my dad suddenly says without showing his face, "wah exam time got time to look for handbag ah you?". And I realised, there is no way of hiding from the father. :D  Mother's favourite phrase now "Don't you have enough handbags now?!". Oh hai. I really want need the handbag please :( :( k la. Betul2 melampau dah la ni. *sits in a corner to punish self.

Okay. I'm officially broke. Serious no kidding. T,T Thank God I don't have to pay bills. Just shop (groceries, I meant; what were you thinking!!). Thank God also that I have less time for that now. Hmmm. Also thank God I have quite a lot of frozen food sitting in the freezer cos mommy came over Easter and cooked LOTS of food to freeze for my exam period, which would be now (Love ya mommyy). No idea why i'm blogging. T,T

Love random skype-nights (night for me and dawn/morning for the rest of y'all with irregular sleeping timess) and skype calls with all the random people from home, and facetime with the family, of course. Facetime is so so clear! T,T Clearer than skype, that is. Also, sadly, this concert I wanted to go to got postponed to the following summer. Boo that. I will go for it next summer anyway. :) Can't wait to get exams over with, and start with my summer internship. <3 Something to look forward to. *deep breath.

I hope everyone's fine in all parts of the world. And hearing from my parents (sad to know some of my friends are closer to my parents fml), I hear y'all are doing quite well. Y U ALL NO SMART PHONE.

Ah summer, WHERE ARE YOU! *throws tantrum

Ok gtg. Housemate just texted "dinner?", so I has gosta go! xx

Still no idea why the urge to blog. Oh btw, sun is shinning bright at 4 something in the morning and it's only completely dark after 11pm. EH Y R U LIDIS. *hides face under pillow.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Torch song

Picture from here
Saw this picture and thought of mommy and lifeismorethanchocolatesnstrawberries, and of course myself. T.T

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dr CA and his kickass BT shirt!!

Picture from here
I will remember how Dr. C came in bearing a BT shirt on the final day of class! Naisss. I just realised how clumsy I am!

On any given day, I burst out in this loud "OWwwwWWww" on an average of five times?!

*looks at blue blacks and nursing my latest bump.

Seriously, is it even possible to be so clumsy. Urgh.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Jesus the ever merciful and ever loving.

So today I'm going to share some laundry stories cos I am boring like that.

No actually I'm typing this in the laundrette cos I came down too soon (like 15minutes too early) but I refuse to walk back up to my place and come back down again just to switch my clothes over from the washer to drier. *lazy max. I spent the last ten minutes talking to random strangers and some acquaintances. No, not friends. Just acquaintances. So imma type a blogpost in five minutes *beams* for my readership of prolly five people. T.T lol. Whateves.

So my story is this.

I've never done laundry on my own before I was sent off to this land called overseas. Yah. The first time I did my laundry here, my dad had to help me do it T.T

Human beings need a lot of things to feel alive. Family, Love, Sex. But we only need one thing: To actually be alive. We need a beating heart. When our heart is threatened, we respond in one of two ways: We either run or we attack. There’s a scientific term for this. Fight or flight. It’s instinct. We can’t control it. Or can we?
And I got tired of typing (not of Tumblr-ing). The end.

I hope this keeps you happy.